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Seeley Lake History Walk

Seeley Lake Historical Society will be presenting a “West Side Story”¬†walk in the snow on Saturday, February 16th. The walk n’ talk will have discussion about the historic development and notable people of the west side of Seeley Lake. A packed snow trail will traverse from Riverpoint beach, to Camp Paxson, Seeley Lake Campground, circle around to Champion Tree Guss, Girard Larch Grove, and return.

Topics to include logging history, cabin development, Camp Paxson, Hotel Point, Jim Girard, Elers Koch, Carter Williams, Jasper Seeley, Gus the Champion, and other questions about the area.

The walk will be dog friendly for friendly dogs. Free is a very good price. All welcome.

We’ve pegged the 16th, but will delay the day in the event weather is too discomforting. Please RSVP if interested in attending so we can notify you in event of postponing a day or two to stay within the three day weekend. Current information will be posted on

The snow trail will be packed, hopefully firm enough to walk on. But snowshoes and skies are encouraged to help make the base better for boots on the snow. The route will be near the Boy Scout Road in case anyone wants to bail from the snow trail. Distance is about two miles (led by slow poke senior), terrain practically level. Dress warm enough for standing around time. Hot thermos for the innards. Allow three hours for the trek.

The trek will begin at the Riverpoint Campground Beach at 1 pm. At 3600 Boy Scout Road, about 2.6 miles from Highway 83.

If interested, please reply or indicate attendance on Facebook.


Bonus: If you have snowshoes and would just like to get out, would like a preview, or want to come but have a conflict on Saturday, we need to make a couple more laps to pack the trail. Let us know so we can let you know when it will happen.

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